Truck and Trailer Dimensions Table

13,60 mt Tilt Trailer Straight Frame13,60mt Tilt
Trailer Straight Frame
13,60 m2,42 m2,40 m79 m³
13,60 m2,42 m2,60 m86 m³
13,60 mt Jumbo Trailer13,60mt
Jumbo Trailer
3,10 m2,42 m2,55 m79 m³
9,10 m2,42 m2,75 m
3,50 m2,42 m2,45 m83 m³
8,70 m2,42 m2,50 m
Road TrainRoad Train6,20 m2,42 m2,50 m87 m³
8,30 m2,42 m2,50 m
Road Train 2Road Train7,80 m2,44 m2,85 m110 m³
8,10 m2,44 m2,85 m
Normal Open TruckNormal Open TruckUp to
18 m
2,44 m
Dumper TruckDumper TruckUp to
25 m³
Jumbo Open TruckJumbo Open TruckUp to
18 m
2,44 m
Lowbed TruckLowbed Truck

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