Pallet wide container is a special container designed to accommodate a larger number of Euro pallets, commonly used in Europe. The pallets are usually in the size of 1200 x 800 x 144. A standard 20-feet container can carry 11 of them, while a pallet wide 20-feet container can carry 15 pallets. This is possible because the containers are approximately 5m wider on the inside than the standard ones. Just like standard containers, pallet wide containers are also manufactured from steel but its floor is made with wooden planks for higher durability and friction coefficient

Size and Dimension

Measurements20ft40ft 40ft HC
Internal length5.89m / 19.32ft12.03m / 39.46ft13.55m / 44.5ft
Internal width2.44m / 8ft2.44m / 8ft2.41m / 7.9 ft
Internal height2.39m / 7.84ft2.38m / 7.80ft2.69m / 8.85ft
Tare weight2,400kg / 5,291.09 lbs3,800kg / 8,377.56 lbs4,280kg / 9,435.7lbs
Payload capacity28,080 kg / 61,905.80 lbs26,680kg / 58,819.33 lbs29,720kg / 65,521.38 lbs
Cubic capacity34.34 m3 / 1,213 cu ft69.86 m3 / 2,467.12 cu ft86.2m3 / 3,044.12 cu ft