Air Cargo

Air freight can be defined as products and goods (cargo) that are shipped by aircraft .. Air freight transportation begins at the airline terminal, where the air freight company you’ve selected receives the cargo

General Cargo – This type of cargo consists of high-value cargo like pharmaceuticals, jewellery, and electronics,… Even though air shipping is more expensive than sea transport, it is still the best mode for transporting high margin and fragile goods.

what cannot be shipped by air :Some goods that are too big or too heavy to be shipped in a plane


An ordinary shipment item so it does not need to require special handling but still must meet the specified requirements and safety aspects. Examples of goods that are categorized as general cargo include household goods, office equipment, sports equipment, clothing (garment, textiles), and others.


Shipment items that require special handling. This type of goods can basically be transported by air transport and must meet the requirements and special handling in accordance with IATA regulations and or carrier. Goods or materials included in the special cargo category are:

  • Live animals (AVI) are live animals sent by airplanes such as chicks, horses, goats, fish, etc.
  • Perishable goods (PER) are goods that are easily damaged, destroyed, or rotten, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, flowers, fish, and plant seeds.
  • Valuable goods (VAL) are goods that have high value or valuables such as gold, diamonds, diamonds, checks, platinum, etc.
  • Strongly smelling goods are goods that have a very strong odor such as durian, perfume, eucalyptus oil.
  • Live Human Organs (LHO) are goods in the form of human organs that still function such as the eyeball, kidney, liver.
  • Diplomatic Pouch (DIP), diplomatic shipment items.