Open-top container

Open-top containers, as the name suggests, have an open top. The roof of the container is covered with tarpaulin sheets instead of a solid roof. This way, it can be covered or left open according to convenience. The container is made of steel with wooden flooring and the door heads can be swung open for easy loading and unloading.

Open-top containers are used when your cargo is too large to fit in a regular shipping container. For instance, machinery or heavy materials that can’t be stowed sideways but arranged from the top through heavy-lifting cranes. These containers have larger capacities than the normal ones as the roof is open. It has lashing rings that keep the cargo stable and has the capacity to load 1000 kgs.

Size and Dimension

Measurements20ft40ft 40ft HC
Internal length5.89m / 19.4ft12.03m / 39.5ft12.03m / 39.5ft
Internal width2.35m / 7.8ft2.4m / 7.9ft2.35m / 7.8ft
Internal height2.35m / 7.8ft2.34m / 7.8ft2.70m / 8.10ft 
Tare weight2,260kg / 5,982 lbs3,980kg / 8,774 lbs4,250kg / 9,370 lbs
Payload capacity28,220 kg / 62,214 lbs26,500kg / 58,422 lbs28,250kg / 62,281 lbs
Cubic capacity32.7 m3 / 1,155 cu ft66.7 m3 / 2,356 cu ft74.9 m3 / 2,645 cu ft