Insulated container

Insulated containers keep the same temperature inside the container, regardless of the temperatures outside its four walls. They’re suitable for transporting temperature-sensitive goods.

Insulated containers often have a double wall. It’s vacuumed so it prevents heat and cold transfer between the outside of the box and the inside. Moreover, the interior is fully sealed to avoid condensation and moisture. 

Size and Dimension

Internal length5.75m/18.10ft1.561m/37.11ft
Internal width2.26m/5.7ft2.28 m/7.6ft
Internal height2.11m/6.11ft2.249m/7.5 ft
Tare weight2650 kgs/ 5840lbs4800 kgs/ 10580lbs
Payload capacity21350 kgs/ 47070lbs27700 kgs/ 61070lbs
Cubic capacity970cu ft2090cu ft