FCL (full container load) is when you pay for the use of an entire container instead of paying to use part of it. When shipping using FCL, there is a flat rate for the container and you have access to all the available space within it, if you are looking at shipping more than around 20cbm then FCL is generally the best option, your supplier is the only other person to touch your goods (other than Customs if there’s an inspection).

LCL (less than container load) shipping is a method that consolidates multiple shipments into one shared container. This means that businesses wanting to import smaller volumes of stock can pay for the volume of space they use within a container as opposed to having to rent out the entire container. This can work out more economically if you’re only shipping small volumes (over 0.5cbm & 100kg) as you’re only paying for this small amount of space.


Reefer container is short for the refrigerated container, also abbreviated as RF container. A refrigerated container is a shipping container that remains its cargo at a regulated, cool temperature. A reefer usually works at a temperature range of -30°C and +30°C and handles frozen, chilled, or cold goods